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>I believe that it is irresponsible for well trained foresters to hide their
>work from the public.  That only leads the public to believe that we have
>something to hide which in turn leads them to believe that we are doing
>something wrong.  I think that if we put our management activities out in the
>open and in clear view we can explain the reasons for performing that
>management strategy.  Simple roadside signs can be used to explain what is
>happening and why it is being done.  This makes foresters proactive and gives
>us a chance to inform the public immediately as opposed to waiting to respond
>to their reactions after they have had a chance to hear from the
>anti-clearcutting segment of society.

I have frequently used the tactic of providing basic signs to diffuse
most possible complaints.  A short note saying why we are doing this
particular operation and what we intend to do afterwards is most

Peter Burnett

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