Today's FedForestors Lack Real Work to Do

Joseph Zorzin redoak at
Thu Dec 11 04:59:15 EST 1997

Michael Hagen wrote:
> And I might add that even though I may not agree with the writer, I am
> glad that he finally found the group and spoke up.  I was beginning to
> think that USFS folk had been TOLD NOT TO TALK TO US, and that ain't
> american!
> It seems to me to be a case of an organization desperately searching for
> a constituency! Course I'm way too cynical to believe that...
> MH

Well, what actually happened is that I noticed his message over in, the "gubimint" newsgroup and I
informed him of our beloved bionet.agroforestry and asked him to post a
copy here.

"The only forestry web page in the otherwise sophisticated state of
"Earth's only online forestry journal containing essays from the cutting
edge- no pun intended"

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