Today's FedForestors Lack Real Work to Do

Michael Hagen mhagen at
Wed Dec 10 23:28:57 EST 1997

And I might add that even though I may not agree with the writer, I am
glad that he finally found the group and spoke up.  I was beginning to
think that USFS folk had been TOLD NOT TO TALK TO US, and that ain't

It seems to me to be a case of an organization desperately searching for
a constituency! Course I'm way too cynical to believe that...
MHJostnix wrote:
> In article <66kujs$am at>, "Paul Morgan"
> <t2r6 at> writes:
> >You have got to be kidding the USDA Forest Service mandate
> >includes
> social engineering?   Damn, its a good thing those pesky minorities
> >have the
> gubmint around to dictate their personal preferences.
> >...You people are cheering him on?
> Paul,
> I think if you look back at the threads there was very little cheering.  It is
> a good topic, however, and an extremely sensitive subject.  And you have to
> have been in a cave if you think the USFS hasn't been in the "social
> engineering" business for years.
> The Forest Circus is a major playground for political correctness.  They have
> lost an irreplaceable bevy of forestry experience for the sake of
> "enlightenment" programs.  The lost art and science of forestry in some
> divisions of the USFS may never be retrieved.
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