Today's Forests Lack Color

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Joseph Zorzin wrote:
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> > My 1/32 back ground gets me nothing but a smile, and a yea right.  (Who
> > ever saw a blonde Cherokee?)  Anyway, Texas federal courts have held
> > that Affirmative Action, when used as a deciding criteria, is illegal if
> > all other criteria are disregarded because of Affirmative Action.  We as
> > a people are falling into mediocrecy caused by affirmative action.
> Of course there has always been a kind of affirmative action- if you
> were born a white male into wealth at the right place at the right time-
> you got lots of it; 

I'll give a personal note on why Texas took the steps they have, My
daughter was valedictorian of her school, 1st out of some 400 kids.  She
received the prestigious amount of $4700 in scholar ships, Salutatorian
received $23,000.00 (half hispanic, family in the same income bracket we
are), 10th place student received $26,000.00 (black, family medical
professionals, income WAY above ours) all to the University of Texas. 
all three girls friends and stayed friends through the first year of
college, then the 2nd place and the 10th place girls left to follow some
other interest, while my daughter stayed on, and will graduate in May. 
The scholarships were based purely on race, and race alone, as admited
by The University in federal court trial brought by two white students
who were rejected at UT, while lessor placed minority students were

Affirmative action, when used as THE weighted criteria, does not benefit
anyone except those organizations that wish to fill a quota and appear
politically correct.

All should have an equal chance based on ability, anything less adds to
the dumbing down of America.

And that goes for forestry, to stay in line with the charter )G(.
Don Staples

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