Today's Forests Lack Color

Paul Morgan t2r6 at
Thu Dec 11 18:30:34 EST 1997

Jamie Simpson wrote in message <348E3660.2950F97D at>...
>It may be true that people of colour live primarily in urban centers and
>are far removed from from forests, as well as agricultural, landscapes.
>And this may lead to an imbalance in the employment of diverce races in
>natural sciences and ecology.  But there are also alot of people without
>colour (whites, anglosaxons, whatever) that live in these conditions.  I
>agree that these communities should be targeted for recruitment into the
>natural sciences.  But please do not make this a colour issue.  It is a
>cultural issue.  Urban culture.

Certainly a more appropriate perspective here than in the original post, but
unfortunately color is more easy to measure than culture and bureaucrats
love easy measurements.

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