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>There is some tremendous discussion going on here. Is there any way that we
>can keep some sort of record (condensed version) similar to FAQs used in
>mailing lists?
>This would keep the NG alive and avoid repetition?
>Nick Ananin , Vision Forestry, Aberdeen, Scotland
>Just a thought {[:-)  - laughing forester with hardhat and still got some
Yeah, verily, an faq would be good but I never heard of half the timber
species the yanks go on about.  I reckon there's room for 3 files:
a) information messages listed by topic
b) rundown of any contributors species and activities including money
info. like how much is a log worth where you are right now
c) faq on forestry techniques, sources etc. i.e. a series of one liners
- or several - showing authors names and emails only.  These may consist
of edited versions of a) or those that never make it there.  

There is a sad lack of info. or input from folk outside UK/US though I
did have a natter with a South African matchstick grower once.  I guess
the files when done, whoever does them, can be advised to other
newsgroups.  There's an Aus. one for example.  They really need a
netsite though with access from the newsgroups.  Anyone got spare space?
Anyone got a few months in a snowed-in cabin?   

Someone said on here they hugged a tree!  Disgusting.  Will netporn know
no end?  (You hug it, love it, then await energy coming back otherwise
you just get splinters and there'd be no point doin' it.  Broad leaved
species preferred please.)  Regards   Les Ballard
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