Out of the closet...

jimi jimi at hendrix.com
Fri Dec 12 14:10:39 EST 1997

Timothy Hunley wrote:
> Eastern Hophornbeam in my area (Northeastern Ohio), sometimes presents a
> real problem through prolific regeneration.  This forms a secondary
> canopy so dense that desirable species cannot seed in.  This species is
> noncommercial today because when it becomes small saw timber size, it is
> hollow.  In by-gone-days this very hard wood was used to make mallet
> heads.
> A little ingenuity can still find uses for these logs
> ie.  Cut-em and roll-em into a stream(temporary culvert) , rain gutters
> (two out of one log), sluce to wash your gold (if you got any)----But
> hug-em-----I don't know----
> That reminds me of a good Native American joke----------Well, maybe not.
> My 1 and 1/2 cents worth--Tim Hunley

I say, good for you, Paul!

It also burns real nicely in the wood stove.  How fun it is to maneuver
a freshly "dumped" semi load of 8+ foot lengths of Iron Wood mixed in
with need-to-be-split maples.  Talk about dangerous!


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