Today's Forests Lack Color - Re: jimi

Joseph Zorzin redoak at
Fri Dec 12 14:34:03 EST 1997

jimi wrote:
> Thomas Kellar wrote:
> >
> > I suspect jimi is a troll. is no where near
> > the address that the user is posting from.
> > is owned by and is fed
> > by  They are not even close.  I hate liers.
> >
> > Thomas
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> > Thomas Kellar      Tkellar at
> >     How can I wear the harness of toil, and sweat at the daily round,
> >      While in my soul forever The drums of Pictdom sound? - REHoward
> I'm not sure what a troll is.

A troll is... someone posting just to stir up trouble.

> Yes, I have decided to post anonymously and do not have a personal email
> address.  Call me paronoid, or whatever, but thats the way it is.  I am
> also afraid of "flipping" somebody off just because they have cut me off
> on the highway just in case its some cook with a gun (again, call me
> paranoid).  Speaking of guns, I firmly believe in the right for
> law-abiding citizens to carry conceiled.  I'd rather have a larger
> percentage of good-guys armed than many of our misguided politicians who
> would only have criminals carrying.  What do they have to worry?  WE pay
> for their security.  Less fortunate (living in the ghettos; without
> cars; forced to walk to grocery store, etc.) are the ones that really
> need to protect themselves!

Going anonymously is your priveledge of course, but you'll get more
people responding you as a human being if you don't hide your true

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