Swiss "Tree Bicycle"

J. Fiske jfiske at
Fri Dec 12 14:49:59 EST 1997

If the tree is perfectly round, straight, and pretty smooth, they work O.K.
Otherwise, have your safety line tied! And you would not believe what that
bark will do to your skin when you slip!

Joseph Zorzin <redoak at> wrote in article
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> Paul Morgan wrote:
> > 
> > In my neverending quest for the ultimate in trimmed trees, I discovered
> > device called a Swiss "Tree Bicycle" in a Ben Meadows catalog.  It
> > like a couple of giant oil filter wrenches you strap onto your feet
> > you to shimmy your way up and leaves both hands free.  Looks
interesting but
> > expensive ($2400).  Anybody used one of these?  How does it compare to
> > sectional-type tree ladders?
> > 
> Doesn't sound safe to me. I don't think I'd go up a tree with both hands
> free. Now, when those genetic engineers master their trade, they'll
> allow us to grow more arms and eyes in the back of our heads; just for
> starters.
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