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Fri Dec 12 20:13:56 EST 1997

jimi said:
>Why be so hung up on my anonymity (sp?)?

  I can understand both sides ot the argument. 

  I have attempted to hold back some information about myself (name,
particularly) in public posts because females on the net are often the
recipients of unpleasantness simply because they are female.  OTOH, I have not
felt that this caution was required with those of you with whom I've enjoyed
several e-mail exchanges. 

   Still, anyone reading my posts regularly would have _some_ relevant facts
about me, such as the state I reside in, that I'm a landowner, etc.   Simple
facts such as these orient people's replies, and they can figure that I
probably know more about Northern Hardwoods than about Grand Firs or Lodgepole
Pines, that I may not have a great deal of technical forestry knowledge ...
this helps people frame replies to me, at my level of understanding, and to put
my posts in context.  As a result, the replies that I've received have been
very helpful as I seek to understand forestry principles and practices better.

 However, I am very annoyed when I have taken time to respond to someone and
then find that it's not a valid address.  I don't understand why people (like
Jimi) find it necessary to be so evasive as to use a non-working address, when
a working address can protect one's identity.  (Equally annoying are the people
who make those responding jump through hoops to figure out and edit the
recipient's name.)

  Although I've only been participating in this group for 2 or 3 months, I
think it has the greatest bunch of people I've met in any newsgroup.  I'm
betting that Jimi will, with time, realize that to be trusted by those already
here, he/she will also have to show some trust, and will share more information
with us.

  (Of course, Jimi could be a "burro" in fear of " Joe the Burro-Beater."  <g> 
But if Jimi goes over the recent correspondence from and to Dennis, it's clear
that even Burros are accepted gladly when they become participants.)

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