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Senior Lecturer/Lecturer in Forestry

New Zealand

Senior Lecturer/Lecturer in Forest Management

The University of Canterbury invites applications for the tenured
position of Senior Lecturer/Lecturer (equivalent to US Associate
Professor/ Assistant Professor) in the School of Forestry in the
subject area of Forest Management. The minimum qualification on
appointment is the Ph.D. degree or equivalent research experience in
some aspect of Forest Management.  The appointee will have strong
quantitative skills, and will be required to teach undergraduate and
postgraduate courses in Forest Management, supervise postgraduate
research, and establish a research programme. The appointee will also
be expected to maintain and enhance collaboration with organisations
in the wider Forestry sector, and be committed to excellence in their
own teaching and research.

Academic enquiries should be directed to Professor R.
Sands, Fax 64-3-364 2124, Email: < r.sands at fore.canterbury.ac.nz>.
Information about the university may be accessed on the World Wide
Web: <http://www.canterbury.ac.nz/>.  Further details will be
airmailed on request to: <acad.appts at regy.canterbury.ac.nz>.

The salary for Senior Lecturers is on a scale from NZ$58,000 to
NZ$66,000 (bar) and from NZ$69,000 to NZ$73,000 and for Lecturers is
on a scale from NZ$45,000 to NZ$55,000 per annum.

Applications, quoting Position No. FO81, close on 27 February 1998,
and must be addressed to: The Registrar, Attention Staffing Section,
University of Canterbury, Bag 4800, Christchurch, New Zealand.

The University has a policy of equal opportunity in employment.

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