Out of the closet... (Ostrya virginiana in Mexico)

Citlali Cortes ccortes at
Thu Dec 11 12:18:58 EST 1997

> Paul Morgan wrote:
> >
> > Being shade tolerant, it will probably outlast me
> > although never exceed a foot in diameter.

> >Ostrya virginiana

I know this tree!!! People in this region call it Mora roja. It's
usually found in "broad-leaved forest" or bosque mesófilo. What doesn't
match my idea of an Ostrya is that "it won't grow over one foot in
diameter". I've seen Moras rojas that are quite larger than that. They
are usually found in humid places of concave geoforms. (this region =
Jalisco, Mexico... about 19 deg N, 105 deg W... Sierra de Manantlan
Biosphere Reserve)


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