Today's Forests Lack Color

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Sat Dec 13 22:27:15 EST 1997

dennis g garcia wrote in message <349150FE.D5E895C1 at>...

>Our agency has been focused on commodity production and sustaining eco
>systems.  We have come to the realization that there is going to be
>increasing presures, especially in urban and areas surrounding urban
>areas.  We have seen the pressures this brings to the natural and urban
>forests.  The objectives here is many fold.  To educate these potential
>users about forests and eco systems and to find out what they think
>about them.  To help them manage their urban forests. To engage in
>dialog that will solve some of the problems that population and over use
>creat.  To help them understand the need to commodity production as a
>tool for maintaining the forest's health. To help them understand the
>need to produce forest products for our nation.  Would it be safe to
>assume that these people are going to be the ones voting how we spend
>appropriated gov't funds?

But this is a far cry from suggesting that minorities are being *excluded*.

>We are seeking to engage all groups in meaningful dialog.  Can it start
>with a discussion of their position and understanding of the issues, if
>they even know them.  I suspect that most urban groups are not in tune
>with natural resources or their conservation/management.  I don't
>propose to be able to meet all groups needs.  I do hope to discuss and
>facilitate the urban needs and the needs of the land.

>There is no evidence that they are being prevented from enjoying the
>national forests.  Our intent is to market the forests to groups that we
>have not traditional served.  The people will tell us what happiness
>they want to pursue, as you point out.  I hope that this effort shows
>that we are moving towards listening to the people and providing service
>to their needs.


1) there is no evidence that they are being prevented from enjoying the NFs
2) anecdotal evidence suggests that few urbanites include the NFs in their
    pursuit of happiness.
3) there is little or no response from urban newsgroups (and other
4) there are no mass or even minor uprisings of urbanites demanding that
    plaintive cries for service from the FS be listened to

This is just plain arrogance on the part of the gubmint - urbanites pursuit
of happiness is deemed unsatisfactory by the elightened elite.  Urbanites or
minorities or whatever HAVE shown you the happiness they wish to pursue.
Celebrate their diversity.  (Sorry...couldn't resist.)

The goal you should have, consistent with your charter ("Providing technical
and financial assistance to cities and communities to improve their natural
environment by planting trees and caring for their forests") is to ensure
that the USFS services are available to every American, city, or community
who wishes them.  If this was your intent then more power to you as you are
obviously trying to do your job well and in compliance with your charter.
If you bandy about implications that whitey has a plot underfoot to keep
minorities out of the woods and that the urbanites are actively demanding
access to a share of the otherwise inaccessible forest pie, then you are
just going to rile people up (like me) who would otherwise support you (or
at least be neutral).

(Now the contents of your charter, OTOH...)

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