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Ron Wenrich woodtick at
Sat Dec 13 19:52:35 EST 1997

Joseph Zorzin wrote:

> Don Staples wrote:
> >
> > As the saying goes, sometimes it is only who you know!  The following is
> > from my e-mail from Joseph, seems he took it upon his own bad self to
> > call to the attention of my news server the lack of my participation in
> > the news group.  Interesting enough, I have been working hard on them in
> > the past few weeks my own bad self.  The point is, I think, for us to
> > get on to a group may take group effort.   Joe, you reckon we can get
> > Nicks server to come around?
> >
> I remember reading in some forgotten message that others in the UK are
> finding alt.forestry; so it should be possible for Nick's server to find
> it; all he has to do is try; they just have to add it to their news
> server database.
> I think Nick's is the last holdout. Then we can finally move en masse to
> alt.forestry and leave this group for the 3 agroforesters on the planet.
> <G>

I have alt.forestry on my newserver, but I can only post messages.  Can't call
up the newsgroup.


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