Today's Forests Lack Color

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Sun Dec 14 18:56:40 EST 1997

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> She went on to suggest that if she had vacation time to use and money to spend
> she would use established forms of paid entertainment with quality lodging,
> thank you very much.  She could not imagine anyone wanting to go to the
> "woods".  Her life experience tells her that this is not of much value.

Yeah, an ethnic thing.  Your average Japanese has a cultural heritage that
values natural beauty, so you will find lots of Japanese in the national
parks.  My dad hauled me out as a child to go hunting, or just to spend
a day seeing how badly we could get a pickup mired in muddy logging
roads.  In between there were some moments so beautiful it was like 
getting socked in the heart.  That's why I moved out of town in 1976
and haven't been back.

City folk do some nice things too, sometimes.  Not stuff of much real value,
but nice.  :)

-- Larry

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