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Paul Morgan wrote:
> Citlali Cortes wrote in message <34902080.80E5B0C3 at>...
> >> Paul Morgan wrote:
> >> >
> >> > Being shade tolerant, it will probably outlast me
> >> > although never exceed a foot in diameter.
> >
> >> >Ostrya virginiana
> >
> >I know this tree!!! People in this region call it Mora roja. It's
> >usually found in "broad-leaved forest" or bosque mesófilo. What doesn't
> >match my idea of an Ostrya is that "it won't grow over one foot in
> >diameter". I've seen Moras rojas that are quite larger than that. They
> >are usually found in humid places of concave geoforms. (this region =
> >Jalisco, Mexico... about 19 deg N, 105 deg W... Sierra de Manantlan
> >Biosphere Reserve)
> >
> >Saludos!
> >
> You've got me jealous now...I've only ever seen one hophornbeam larger than
> 1 foot diameter up here (about 16 inches).  The vast majority are probably
> cut for fire wood before they get to splitting size or killed as weed trees.
> In the my area, they are found in the understory of hardwood stands.  The
> books I have give the normal max diam as 1 foot for the eastern U.S.   The
> range is shown as hitting Texas but any further would be out of the scope of
> the book.
> As the old song goes, kisser one for me.
> -- Paul
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That pile of Hophornbeam mixed in with maple that I talked about a while
back was about 1.5 to 1.75 foot in diameter.  Location: Northern Lower
Penninsula of Michigan.  I assume the total load was from the same
cutting wich consisted of mostly maples -- big ones!  The maples were
damned near 3.5 to 4 ft diameter!  Why they werent used for bolts, I
don't know.  That was the last semi load of firewood (8ft lengths) that
my folks purchased from that source!  Too much splitting required by
yours truly.

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