jimi jimi_hendrix at
Mon Dec 15 14:42:49 EST 1997

dennis g garcia wrote:
> Let me see, I think his name was Mark Twain.

Thanks Dennis (Samuel)!!!!
I needed that!!!!

For all of ya'll:

Do my new email preferences make it clear that a pseudoname is being

I'm just a normal guy (guy is a generic term, now) that makes a living
selling & supporting high-tech automation hardware and software for a
diversity of industries including pulp&paper, manufacturing, refining,
packaging, etc.

I own small acreages in Michigan and Texas (less than 160 acres total).

I am not a licensed consultant (and probably not qualified) however I do
consult for wildlife management (actually multiple use with emphasis on
wildlife) for an additional 600 acres.

I've already learned a bit from this newsgroup (thats what counts) and
rate it number 1 on my list.

Who knows, I may be able to teach something to even the most educated
here.  I know that even the bum on the street can teach me a thing or
two.  If you don't beleive it, then just wipe out my posts as if they
were SPAM.

I'm gonna keep on posting when it so suits me, HONESTLY!


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