Christmas Trees?

jimi jimi_hendrix at
Mon Dec 15 15:05:50 EST 1997

J. Fiske wrote:
> I am somewhat of an individualist ... I really like Red Pine, which is
> somewhat difficult to find in this neck of the woods.
> TREEFARMER at wrote in article
> <672a99$29u$1 at>...
> > Since you asked, ForestFair, my wife picked out a flocked Scotch Pine.
> > They're pretty typical for this area. My mom wants a Red Cedar so I'll
> > cut one for her this week. They grow wild here. I noticed Steve had an
> > article about them at Mining Co.  We've got White Pines, but they've
> > never been pruned so they're too open.
> >

Red Pine!?  Norway Pine?

It's a Charley Brown Christmas!!!!

Don't the needles drop early?  Don't let the kids crawl under the tree,
they may poke thier eyes out.  Wow.  Long sharp needles; you are an
individual!  I got a "woody" for Colorado Blue Spruce; nothing else will
do in my household!

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