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>That pile of Hophornbeam mixed in with maple that I talked about a while
>back was about 1.5 to 1.75 foot in diameter.  Location: Northern Lower
>Penninsula of Michigan.  I assume the total load was from the same
>cutting wich consisted of mostly maples -- big ones!  The maples were
>damned near 3.5 to 4 ft diameter!  Why they werent used for bolts, I
>don't know.  That was the last semi load of firewood (8ft lengths) that
>my folks purchased from that source!  Too much splitting required by
>yours truly.

Well, ignorance truly was bliss - I feel so cheap and used now.  Guess I'll
have to leave them around now just to see how big they get in Maine.

The wood that shows up in firewood can be very strange - one neighbor of
mine bought a couple of cords of stove length one year and about one quarter
of it was clear cherry.   From what I could gather, we were at the top of
the cherry range and there wasn't much of a commercial market for it and it
was commonly pulped or sold for firewood or just plain weeded out.  One
logger I bought some logs from couldn't bear to pulp a load of it so he
called in the local woodmizer boys, stickered it in his garage, and sold it
for a pretty penny to a traveling wood broker.

BTW, I'd have emailed you if I could, but up until last week I was employed
by Schneider Automation.

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