Christmas Trees?

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>Wondering what Christmas trees all you "regulars" and members of the
><g> have?
>Ours is a Balsam Fir, from a local Christmas tree farm here in upstate New
>ForestFair at

I'm writing this under extreme duress with my wife behind me brandishing a
cast iron frying pan.  I usually insist on a tree from our land, charlie
brown or not, just because it feels right.  We hadn't made it back to Maine
for a while due to rainy weekends where we have balsam fir up the wazoo.  We
finally made it back up last weekend and were going to get a tree, but
discovered there was 2 1/2 feet of snow on the ground and since we were no
longer living at the end of the road, they had stopped plowing it.  Well, we
did manage to walk in but I wasn't about to drag a tree out for a mile and a
half, so we went home treeless.

There aren't any fir trees on our land in NH, so out of desperation my wife
tied two spindly hemlocks together.  It looks very nice. Really.

It looks like it going to be another coal-in-the-stocking Christmas.

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