Today's Forests Lack Color

John Vona leah8 at
Mon Dec 15 21:25:10 EST 1997

Joseph Zorzin wrote:
> Larry Caldwell wrote:
> > City folk do some nice things too, sometimes.  Not stuff of much real value, but nice.  :)
> Like music.
> Without the contribution of Afro Americans, our national music would
> consist of Jingle Bells, uh... Tab Hunter... Frank Sinatra... uh..
> that's about it. <G>

I hate to tell you this but Frankie Boy clearly incorporated the
blues/jazz style and his music his found under JAZZ in music stores; so,
he doesn't count, nor does Elvis, Bing, Benny Goodman, who all were
heavily influenced by African American music. :=}

Seriously though the issue of minorities' absenteeism in our great
outdoors  has puzzled me for a long time and I once naively attributed
it to economics; but, when I worked on the Sequoia NF, the campgrounds
would be filled on weekends with Latinos, Hmong and of course poor white
folk who couldn't pay the $12.00 entry fee for yosemite and sequoia
kings canyon national forest.  

Granted there weren't many African Americans recreating at this Forest
but coincidentally the majority of the local cities, Bakersfield north
to Fresno, had pretty small populations of African American so that
might of explained their lack of showing.  

It's interesting to speculate about and would be interesting to study if
I had more of inclination to study Sociology.

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