Joseph Zorzin redoak at forestmeister.com
Mon Dec 15 20:20:42 EST 1997

I hereby declare to the universe that the following are wimps for never
showing their intellects in this forum-

The 50 state Chief Honcho Foresters
The hundreds of state service foresters.
The Big Whigs from the USFS.
Any politicians involved with forestry matters.
Forestry professors.

You're all wusses!

This is the only place on this here planet that forestry people can
mingle the minds in almost "real time" instead of your idiotic brainless
semiannual bullshit meetings where you get to brag about things you ony
wish you did and where you give each other fancy awards.

Gee, I've been wanting to say that for awhile. <G>

Good thing the wusses don't show up here to read this stuff; only real
people that actually produce something.

We REAL people are so far beyond you wusses, you ain't ever gonna
catchup. And out there in the real world of business; those that don't
produce don't eat. Someday the real world is going to catch up with you
too. I'm just acting as John the Baptist in this regard; ahead of my

By mearly showing your limited intellects here, even if only to denounce
me, you'll prove you're not a wuss.

OK, OK, all you REAL people; be sure to pass this message to your local
bureaucrats, professors and politicians.

Now, THIS message ought to boost traffic here. {|8\)

"The only forestry web page in the otherwise sophisticated state of

"Earth's only online forestry journal containing essays from the cutting
edge- no pun intended"

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