Blinding Kids??!!

I.B. Chance nyob at
Tue Dec 16 14:13:34 EST 1997

>      If you check the Congressional Record during the 1970's you will
> find a report that alledges Mexican police did strip two young women
> detained by them and then used cattle prods to explore the areas you
> mentioned.  Our government objected to that treatment and its amounting
> to rape.

Beware folks, anyone who cites the Congressional Record has never really 
found what they cite there.  They just know that you will NEVER be able
prove them wrong given the size of the Congressional Records.  Want to 
"prove" your point on anything?  Just use a phrase that points your
to look up their "facts" in the Congressional Record of a whole damn

>      What really upsets me about this post though is that you said in
> Texas we use hot lead - would you care to give an example or are you
> trying to lump us in with those California wimps?  I will have you know
> that Texas men are quite capable of handling women without resorting to
> pepper spray as Californians apparently have to do. 

Yeah, Texas....The guys in Texas are quite capable of handling "their"
 usually bring them under submission by BORING them to death. 

 One has to wonder
> what kind of men there are in California that would put up with someone
> doing that sort of thing to their women.  Do they consider their women
> so bad that they feel they are expendable or are they just unable to
> deal with them?
> Woodsman

This coming from a guy who lives in a state whose state motto is "Don't
Mess With Texas".
Of course the only one they've gone up against is Rhode Island and
anyone can whip their ass!

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