Canadian Lumber Update

Todd tmac at
Tue Dec 16 17:04:08 EST 1997

Hi Larry

>My knowledge of eastern Canadian forestry regulations is hazy, so somebody
>please correct me if this is wrong.

In our province, New Brunswick Crown land is managed under the Crown Lands
and Forests Act. Timber Licenses and sub-licenses are granted to private
corporations through which stumpage is paid to the Province.

Up until about a month ago this was the norm, but a recent Provincial Court
ruled the Act does not apply to Aboriginal peoples. Infact the judge has
interpreted it to mean Aboriginals have first "dibs" on the resource. Now,
as you can imagine, industry and government are very concerned. The province
has indicated they will appeal, but 200 year old(+/-) treaties have been
upheld by the Supreme Court of Canada before.

I doubt very much the decision will be over-turned thus there is a new
player in the forestry industry In NB. Will the laws have to change? One
would think so!


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