What would you like to see on a State Forest Service Web Site?

Joseph Zorzin redoak at forestmeister.com
Wed Dec 17 15:36:40 EST 1997

J. Fiske wrote:
> Nice Idea ... but a bit much for a state the size of mine (New York). We
> have almost a million acres of state forest lands and close to a half-
> million acres of wildlife management area (also considerable forestry
> practiced here, just a different focus). That says nothing about the 5
> million acre Adirondack Park and the 3/4 million acre Catskill Park. The
> directory of primary wood using facilities runs to about 200 pages ... Do
> you begin to see my point? If we're going to start a bit smaller what's the
> top priority?

But size is no impediment. That 200 acre book is about equal to one
small graphic on a computer. Anything that is put in book form could
just as easily be put into HTML and then made available to everyone in a
convenient way.

I've proposed to the "leaders" of the state of Mass. forestry dept. that
EVERTHING they produce, pamphlets, brochures, books, whatever should be
written in HTML and put on the net. They can also then print that stuff
in the old formats too. Of course eventually they'll do this; but in the
meanwhile my suggestions end up in the dumpster.

And of course such a web page has to start small and grow. It doesn't
grow if it doesn't get started. I think almost everything done by every
government in the land should be put on the net. Once people who produce
documents get used to the idea, there is no extra cost involved. You
just have to think HTML. Many programs exist which can convert any
ordinary Word Perfect or MS Word doc. to HTML and hard disk space today
is dirt cheap.

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