Joseph Zorzin redoak at forestmeister.com
Wed Dec 17 08:57:16 EST 1997

Karl Davies wrote:
> Joe,
> Is there any such thing as a `good bureaucrat?`  Or are they all worthless by
> definition?  If there were no regulations and bureaucrats to enforce them,
> wouldn't corporations just run rough-shod over the world?  Or are you advocating
> doing away with corporate charters altogether? (Leading question!)

It's the leadership or lack thereof that I'm really complaining about-
and I'm only talking about the forestry world- not the EPA and other
agencies. The real world of business is now very dynamic; tha of
government still moving a glacial pace. It doesn't have to be this way.

In Massachustts, ALL state government leadership positions are filled by
cronies of politicians. Almost never do you see a high level leadership
position filled by someone from outside the state, who of course
wouldn't have the "proper" political connections. And often, too often,
leadership positions are filled by politicians who LOST their last

And now our brainless state legislature has written a forester licensing
law- which does nothing for forestry or foresters. It doesn't say that
state tax forestry plans or forest cutting plans MUST be prepared by
licensed foresters. In fact, it's quite likely that any logger who has
bought timber will qualify under this lame law as a licensed forester.

And the ultimate idiocy is that consultants who will become licensed
foresters, will still have to be "overseen" by service foresters- every
little detail of everything we do. This is absolutely brain dead. The
state will continue to treat consultants like children- when what this
really proves is that the state itself is acting child like as it
refuses to grow up and like a responsible adult- they don't want to give
up this mindless oversite function- because they wouldn't be able to
think of anything usefull to do- even though I've been telling them for
20 years how they could become infinitely more usefull by becomming
forestry missionaries- rather than continue this child like oversite of
me and the other few remaining consultants- they'd rather act like

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