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Wed Dec 17 09:57:05 EST 1997

Joe, I just have to get into this one.

I like your Jack Webb "just the facts mam" approach for state foresters on
newsgroups.  I backslide a lot here when it comes to just the facts but there
is a lot of information these state guys hold that even you might not know.

 Let me explain:

I am, off and on, on the oral panel approving Alabama registered forester
licences (see http://members.aol.com/jostnix/rf.htm).  And Joe, the panel  has
a diversity of differing forestry professionals involved, not just state.  I
see a broad spectrum of foresters trying to become registered and have a good
feel for who will do well on the exam - and who wont.

A state forester, especially with a consulting background, will ace the test. 
Consultants do well.  Both groups either make people mad or happy on advice
given, and properly/promptly learn to adjust when a similar job is encountered.
 It don't take but one chewing out - especially when they claim their taxes and
the state is paying your salary.

 Those foresters who don't are usually specialists or industry managers or run
woodyards or professors or federal (USFS won't recognize Alabama registration).
 The book learning is lost and they have very little broad experience to fall
back on.

Another thing...

Massachusetts and Alabama are states with definate personalities.  I have found
that a state reflects, almost sterotypically, what the population wants.  Your
state is always shaded democrat blue during a pres election; Alabama is now
always republican red; Liberal vs conservative.

The Northeast has always been a pioneer in social and governmental controls.
The Southeast has always championed citizens rights and local rule.  Neither
like eithers agenda. Seems to me you are a fish outa water or you really are
John the Baptist..

Keep up your fight but keep a fresh supply of valium handy<grin>

Things just wouldn't be as fun without you, Joe

Steve Nix
``````) (_________John Stephen Nix
"Everybodys ignorant 'cept on different things"  Will Rogers
Alabama Forestry Link...http://members.aol.com/jostnix/index.htm 

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