Ron Wenrich woodtick at lebmofo.com
Wed Dec 17 17:25:41 EST 1997

Jostnix wrote:

> Massachusetts and Alabama are states with definate personalities.  I have found
> that a state reflects, almost sterotypically, what the population wants.  Your
> state is always shaded democrat blue during a pres election; Alabama is now
> always republican red; Liberal vs conservative.
> The Northeast has always been a pioneer in social and governmental controls.
> The Southeast has always championed citizens rights and local rule.  Neither
> like eithers agenda. Seems to me you are a fish outa water or you really are
> John the Baptist..
> Steve Nix

Pennsylvania could be tarred with the liberl brush, but the large cities are the
ones that vote that way.  Most rural areas have been Republican mainstays for
decades.  When the State passes an asinine law, most people ignore it.  They can't
put us all in jail!


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