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Mike Steven wrote in message <3497A807.5F9F at uws.edu.au>...
>We are preparing material for a course on plants in society. An aspect
>of the course is an examination of the role that certain trees
>specimens, not forests) have played in the myths and legends of
>society or groups of people. Some trees may be significant due to their
>association with some historic event, or there may be certain legends or
>stories attached to them. Is anyone aware of any individual
>mythical/legendary trees, anywhere around the world? If so, please let
>me know,including details of where the tree is to be found and why it is
>Many thanks

I've got a book called "Famous and Historic Trees" with a couple of hundred
famous trees in the following categories:

1) Historic Trees of the Past
2) Trees Associated with Notable People
3) Trees Associated with the Development of the Nation
4) Trees Associated with Educators and Educational Institutions
5) Trees Associated with Literature, Music, and Science
6) Trees Associated with Churches and Religion
7) Trees Associated with Forestry and Conservation
8) Trees Esthetic, Scenic, and Unusual
9) Trees Famous Because of Unusual Size or Age

I'm not going to type it all in, but if you can narrow the field somewhat
there must be a few in here that would work for you.

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