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> > There is a non-timber forest product that is getting more and more press in the
> > US.  Lentinus edodes is a mushroom that has been used in Asia for centuries.
> > It is the most eaten fungii in japan.
> I just wish someone would come up with a better name for it. <G>

Actually someone has. Often Lentinula edodes (formerly Lentinus edodes)
is sold as Black Forest Mushroom. Even this can be confusing because
another economic fungi also commercially cultivated in China and
Southeast Asia is Auricularia platyphylla, which is simply called Black
Fungus. If you've got high blood pressure, it would be wise to find some
of this fungus in your local Oriental/ Specialty food store, as it has
been shown to lower serum cholesterol levels quickly. The last time I
bought it, I got a deal at 4 oz. dried for $1.99. This translates to
about 10 pounds of fresh, or enough reconstituted fungi to add to 20
gallons of miso soup or about 40 omelettes. And you won't feel bad about
eating eggs again, either!

Daniel B. Wheeler

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