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>Larry Stamm wrote:
>> IMHO, the basic nature of the Canadian forestry tenures constitutes a huge
>> subsidy to the timber corporations, and does more harm than good to everybody
>> except the corporation owners.
>> --
>Who's to  blame? The politicians? At least if the subsidy was to your
>own companies it might seem justified to keep the industry working.
>After all, in America practically everybody and everything is subsidized
>whether people realize it or not.

In the case of BC and Alberta, the blame has to rest solidly on the politicians
who have instituted and maintained the tenure system in the face of public
opposition as expressed in referenda and before numerous Royal Commissions.
The necessity of "developing the wilderness" has been the justification.  The
situation is slowly changing, with much complaining from industry.

Most of the profits from these tenures have gone overseas, sometimes to invest
in mills in cheap labour countries that compete directly with the Canadian
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