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> What sort of wildlife management consultation?
> MH

MI:  Primarily Deer, Ruffed Grouse, Turkey, Rabbit, Fox (the property
owner "likes seeing 'em").  They do their own coyote "management" as my
mint plantation just doesn't keep them out <G>.

Small clear cuts are part of program (Quaking Aspen "pioneers" for edge
creation and cover -- the buds are valuable winter food for grouse).  

Larger parcels are currently slated for advance regeneration.  The
property owner and I selected and marked the best timber trees and a few
wolf trees (owls, etc) to remain standing.  All else will be removed. 
The property owner took a boiler plate logging contract, modified
slightly and selected a logger on his own.  This is primarily an OAK -
Beech forest (mast production for Deer, Turkey, Squirrels).  Regenerated
forest will be mixed hardwood and White Pine--God willing).

Wrapped into the timber contract was the removal of "useless" timber ~ 8
inch diam. Ash, etc. that has overgrown a cow pasture.  The cows have
been removed.  Our goal is to convert the over-grown pasture to
shrubs/berries supplemented with a small Apple tree plantation.  We're
still considering a small Christmas tree plantation, but have not yet
committed.  This pasture also creates extra "edge" between forest and
hay field.

This particular holding more than pays for itself from Timber revenues
and natural gas leases.  I can safely say that the property will be held
indefinitely by the family/descendents as a get-a-way and hunting ground
for many generations to come.

This definitely been a rewarding project as my vision of the property
had I been the owner nearly matches identically to that of the
landowner.  If only he didn't lease that spot for the pumping station
(very noisy!).  Oh well.

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