Global Warming

Blaxx42 blaxx42 at
Thu Dec 18 16:32:15 EST 1997

Ok so here's my question...

The burning of fossil feuls is the source of global warming as I gather. 
Fossil feuls come from plant residues that were massively piled up from
catastrophic floods, major geologic events, etc.  So the CO2 was in the
atmosphere but was locked up and buried.  Obviously those plants coped with
higher CO2 levels right?  Greenhouse studies show CO2 driven growth enrichment
to 5-6X the atmospheric levels.  Based on how much CO2 has risen and the rate
we are depleting fossil feuls we won't even be able to hit THAT level will we?

Since we are still in a cooling period isn't this the simple effect of a few
billion industrious little animals heating up the world to make climate, say,
like a nice warm trip to the beach?  If most of the change will be at the
frigid, inihabitable icy poles why get all upset over making the present day
boreal forest arable farmland?

What do you think?  Is the sky falling in as we boil away in our glasshouse
pressure cooker?

Bill Jones

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