Michael Hagen mhagen at
Thu Dec 18 12:35:08 EST 1997

jimi wrote:
> P.S.
> I'm trying to convince the landowner that Colorado Blue Spruce pretty
> much shape themselves -- once established, very little pruning and
> maintenance is needed.
> Does anyone know of other (faster growing or not) species of Christmas
> trees that are self-shaping and suitable for Michigan (~ 45th
> parallel).  Don't even try to sell me on Scotch Pines -- Yuckie!!!!!!
> Thanks.

Now there's a well rounded property: timber, wildlife, fruit, Christmas
trees, maybe hunting leases(?) and petrochemicals!  I'm impressed.  
About ten years back I laid out several small oddly shaped clearcuts on
USFS lands which were in pure stands of red alder. The ground cover was
almost 100% swordfern with very little brush or grass. The reason for
the conversion was to increase elk browse since the stand was growing up
out of reach. I was back in the area three years ago and the plan seemed
to be working. Not being a private sale it didn't have to turn a profit,
but I believe that it actually did. It was put up at a time when other,
more standard sales were shut down. Timing is everything.

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