Polar Bear bear at
Thu Dec 18 22:29:58 EST 1997

Michael M. Corbett wrote:

> This is all nonsense. What we REALLY need to do is boil off the
> oceans.
> Then we're getting somewhere. Why waste all this time blowing up the
> moon or paving the earth, when we could be boiling off the oceans?
> Besides, kucklehead, how are you going to pave over WATER, huh? Answer
> me that.; Your plan is not well thought out. First boil the oceans,
> the
> blow up the moon and drag all that rock down here, THEN pave the
> earth.
> Damn, and some people say I'M stupid. HA!
> Incidentally, this comment is so worthy, I'll just continue cross
> posting. Obviously your interested, or you would'nt be reading this.
> <G>

Although I must admit the idea is not really mine but rather that of
Pinky (of Pinky and the Brain fame), I personally favour covering the
moon with mirrors so as to achieve a gigantic Disco Ball effect.


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