board footage for cord of wood

J. Fiske jfiske at
Mon Dec 22 19:22:57 EST 1997

I have found that a VERY ROUGH rule of thumb for my part of the woods
(Northeastern U.S.) is around 1 cord = 500 board feet (International 1/4").
You'll have to make your own "fudge factor" for Doyle, Scribner, or
whatever ... The only way I have ever used this is to compare the value of
really low value hardwoods for different products. i.e. How does $35 / cord
for firewood compare with $70 / mbf for sawlogs, that sort of thing?

As Mr. Nix very rightly states, there are a whole lot of other factors to
be taken into account here. I'd be REALLY cautious about how you use the
above figure (for sure, don't use it in a timber theft case!). If you need
any sort of precision in your calculations, do it another way. This factor
is only intended for "back of the matchbook" calculations.

Merry Christmas!

James Brewster <MANOSHMILL at PWSHIFT.COM> wrote in article
<01bd0f01$2a220b20$775599d0 at default>...
> Does anybody have any figures for converting a cord of wood to board
> If so do you need to account for how tightly it is stacked?
> Thanks, Jim

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