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Joseph Zorzin (redoak at forestmeister.com) wrote:
: Al Stangenberger wrote:

: > The one week section is silviculture -- the summer field course is 8 weeks,
: > which we all feel is too short but that's how the calendar works out...
: > 

: Not picking on you here of course, but this short field requirement
: thing really shows how the forestry "intelligentsia" trully has no
: respect for forestry field work.

We'd love to give students more field experience, but in our case:

 1.  Students can take their first two years at any college in the state,
this is University (and probably state) policy.  Hence their freshman summer
is not under our control.

2.  Between their sophomore and junior years, they come to summer camp.  Because
of differences between calendars of different schools (see #1 above) we can
only fit in 8 weeks.

3.  During the third summer (junior/senior) we actively encourage forestry
students to get field jobs, and assist them in their efforts.  This works
pretty well for serious forestry students.  We believe that actual experience
is much more valuable than another summer camp program.

4.  If the students are on schedule, the fourth summer they should have a
degree and be turned loose on the real world.

In summary, we don't really have that many summers available for field work.
We fit in as many field trips as possible to supplement summer experience,
but even getting funding for these is getting tough - the bean counters don't
realize that field experience is as important to a field person as time in
a wet lab is to a chemist...
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