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Please note in the job description below Research appears to
be the key responsibility of an Assistant, Associate or Full
Professor of Silviculture.  This explains why graduates of
this countries higher education system spend the first 2-3
years of their Forestry Profession learning their

Check out the Responsibilities section, good grief a
one-week summer field course! God forbid if forestry
students actually spend some time in the woods!

NC Lorax 

: In article <67cvab$3ga$1 at agate.berkeley.edu>, Al
: <forags at nature.berkeley.edu> writes
: >University of California at Berkeley
: >
: >
: >Position:
: >Assistant, Associate or Full Professor of Silviculture
: >
: >Qualifications:
: >Ph.D. with expertise in silviculture and forest ecology
is required for
: >appointment.  Experience should include research in
: >forest dynamics, and restoration of forested landscapes
altered by fire
: >or other disturbance regimes, and familiarity with
current forest
: >management issues.
: >
: >Responsibilities:
: >Teaching: The incumbent will contribute to teaching in
the area of
: >silviculture, which includes an upper-division course, a
: >summer field course, and a graduate course in the area of
: >specialization.
: >
: >Research:
: >The successful candidate will be expected to develop a
: >research program that focuses on both basic and applied
aspects of
: >the management of forested landscapes, including forest
: >regeneration, stand dynamics, and manipulation.  A
: >portion of research will be expected to focus on
California forest
: >vegetation types.  Areas of emphasis may include tree,
stand, and
: >forest growth in relation to environment; silviculture as
: >management; forest management at the urban-wildland
: >creation and maintenance of forest habitat for wildlife;
: >production of wood and water, effects of the fire
disturbance regimes
: >on forest ecosystems.
: >
: >Service:
: >Duties include contributions to research and teaching on
: >Departmentally managed forests and active participation
as a
: >silviculturist in international, national, state, and
local professional
: >forestry.
: >
: >Application:
: >Please send letter stating interest and qualifications
for the position,
: >transcripts of all university work, experience, and names
of four
: >references before December 31, 1997 to:
: >
: >Chair, Silviculturist Search Committee
: >Department of Environmental Science, Policy, and
: >Management
: >145 Mulford Hall
: >University of California
: >Berkeley, CA 94720-3114
: >
: >Terms:  The position is a tenure track, nine-month
position and will start July
: >1, 1998
: >
: >The University of California is an Equal Opportunity,
: >Affirmative Action Employer
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