So You Want to Work in the Woods!

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Thu Dec 25 00:16:13 EST 1997

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>If I knew all this, I would  never have become a forester.  Stayed up late this
>weekend and found resources that might help you find a job in the woods.

>This feature called "Forestry Jobs and Employment" answers questions like what
>it is a forest worker does, 


-forest workers cut down trees;
-often they get hurt while doing it;
-sometimes they get hurt very seriously and must give up 
 this line of work; 
-occasionally they die in the line of duty.

Forestry is one of the most dangerous occupations there is. 

>what training you need,

-training is always useful and especially from experienced
 forest workers (look for missing fingers and appendages,
 and other battle scars).
-however, a diligent guardian angel is very handy too;
-in lieu of a guardian angel the next best thing is to have
 eyes in the back of your head;
-it also helps to have horns sticking out of your head, 
 cloven feet, and a tail so that you can better conform
 to the general public image of forest workers. 

> and actual lists of job openings.

-if you can make your living by doing something else
 then by all means do it;
-you really need to be addicted to chain-saw fumes, biting insects,
 wood splinters sticking in sensitive parts of your anatomy,
 and other assorted irritations to succeed in forest work.  


Relax, I was just being somewhat humorous. 


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