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Sat Dec 27 09:51:48 EST 1997

Joseph Zorzin <redoak at> writes:

>Loren Larson, Executive Director Association of Consulting Foresters
America, Inc. recently sent me some copies of the ACF's journal
Consultant". I'm very impressed with this journal. Thanks Loren!

>journal can be subscribed to even if you're not a member for $20/yr.
I will
>certainly subcribe and maybe even join the ACF.

Come on Joe, one freebee and you're in his pocket.  You need to hold out for at
least a years membership<grin>;).  State foresters get at least a turkey from
all those people they promote.

I need to send you a Smokey Bear calendar for all the publicity you've given
me.  But I'm afraid it might offend since you were a bear once.  Dressing a
bear up; only "burros" could think of such!

Kicking us into a new year,
I remain

Steve Nix, Alabama Registered Forester #745
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native American criminal class except Congress." ---Mark Twain

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