ACF jounal

Ron Wenrich woodtick at
Mon Dec 29 17:30:54 EST 1997

Joseph Zorzin wrote:

> I think if all the forestry consultants in the U.S.A. joined the ACF,
> forestry would be a much better profession.

I browsed the PA membership of the ACF.  In PA, there are about 85 consultants,
and only 20 companies are represented as ACF members.  There are 26 ACF members in
PA, and I recognized 7 that were part of the organization 15 years ago, when I
dropped out.  The membership back then was about 20 consultants, with a lot fewer
practicing consultants.  Some of the older consultants have retired, and others
have changed their affiliation (3 have become veneer buyers).  The ACF doesn't
seem to be able to reach the available constituents or able to retain them, long
term.  The SAF has the same problems.


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