Susan112 susan112 at aol.com
Tue Dec 30 00:52:56 EST 1997

>I hereby declare to the universe that the following are wimps for never
showing their intellects in this forum-


>The hundreds of state service foresters.


(...I feel remarkably like a bass fixing to bite down on a not-so-juicy rubber
worm, but here goes...)

Hi!  I'm Susan.  I'm a forester.  I work for a state agency, the Missouri
Department of Conservation.  To my knowledge, I am not restricted from
expressing myself about forestry via my personal internet account.  I've been
halfway lurking in this group for a month or two when I have the time and
inclination.  I wish AOL would recognize alt.forestry so I could check it out

My agency does have an internet presence, a rather nice page I think.
http://www.state.mo.us/conservation  I hope you'll look it up.

I don't think of myself as a bureaucrat, just a forester who works for the
state.  Missouri, I think, does conservation and forestry a bit differently
than other places.  It's been a great place to work for me for the past 7
years.  (I'm from "back east").

I can't check in daily, and this seems like an active group, but I would like
to participate when I can.


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