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Mon Dec 29 19:37:23 EST 1997

Joseph Zorzin wrote:
> But to become a member don't I have to run a gauntlett of foresters with
> Biltmore sticks? <G>

> I suspect I'll join the ACF real soon. What's the first thing I have to
> do?

Provide scotch for all other candidate members.

> Like I said, I'm impressed with the journal. I've gotten issues before
> and always liked it. It has about the clearest thinking of any forestry
> literature in my very humble opinion. Although, Loren, I noticed in one
> article your refering to Earth First! as a eccoterrorist group which I'd
> dissagree with since in addition to being a forester I'm also a card
> carrying environmentalist- an out of the closet watermelon. Are admitted
> watermelons allowed to join the ACF? <G>

They go along with the beer, fried chicken, and hush puppies.
> I think if all the forestry consultants in the U.S.A. joined the ACF,
> forestry would be a much better profession.

Your beginning to get the picture, I am so proud )BG(

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