State Forestry

Don Staples dstaples at
Tue Dec 30 17:57:02 EST 1997

OK, since Susan has joined our merry little band, I would like to pose a
question/statement.  I am familiar with a half dozen state forestry
agencies.  Missouri has one of the best organized, best run, and most
cooperative staff of any in the business.  

What about the others?  I am not impressed with Louisianna or Arkansas,
some of the prairie states organizations are more shade tree than true
forestry.  So, how about it, guys and girls, foreign and domestic (Nick,
how does Scotland do it?).  Steve, your opinion will be accepted, but
with guarded opinion )G(.  What about the other 47 not named above, or
debate the ones above.

Oh, I am sorta like Steve in that I would not comment on Texas, cause I
live here, but I have seen better.

This should really pull Joe's chain.
Don Staples
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