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Jkrist jkrist at aol.com
Tue Dec 30 17:08:58 EST 1997

I am an editorial writer and opinion-page columnist for a 100,000-circulation
daily newspaper in Southern California. I have been awarded a fellowship by the
Society of Professional Journalists to research non-confrontational resolutions
of environmental conflicts, and I am inviting suggestions from members of this

The subjects I am interested in are preservation of biodiversity, including
recovery of endangered species; resource extraction, including logging, mining,
grazing and water diversion; and rural land use patterns. I am particularly
seeking approaches that rely on collaboration or market-based forces to produce
outcomes that are economically desirable and biologically sound. These may
include such things as adoption of sustainable rangeland or forestry
techniques, development of voluntary habitat conservation plans, and use of
conservation easements or land trusts to prevent urban sprawl and habitat

If you know of a specific example of such techniques being used to resolve a
potential conflict over natural resources or land use, I would appreciate
hearing from you. Please include a brief description of the program, along with
the name and phone number or address of a contact person if possible. Please
reply directly to me by e-mail at: JKrist at aol.com.

Thank you for your consideration.

— John Krist
Ventura County Star

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