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Tue Dec 30 15:47:54 EST 1997

(Susan112) writes:

(...I feel remarkably like a bass fixing to bite down on a not-so-juicy
worm, but here goes...)

Susan, I am a state employed forester and that is just the way I felt at first.
 The worm was real and pretty tasty...

That was way back when Don and Joe were bashing away at anything Gvt. or Asso.
linked (to be fair it was mostly Joe). I jumped in to take the bait and be a
state forester on this newsgroup.

Hi!  I'm Susan.  I'm a forester.  I work for
>a state agency, the Missouri
Department of Conservation.  To my knowledge, I
>am not restricted from
expressing myself about forestry via my personal
>internet account.

I've never been told not to express myself, on my on time, about forestry.  Im
a state forest agency patch collector and your agency has the best looking by
far.  Trade ya for an AFC Patch?

<< I've been
halfway lurking in this group for a month or two
>when I have the time and
inclination.  I wish AOL would recognize
>alt.forestry so I could check it out

They do. I am an AOL subscriber...

<<I can't check in
>daily, and this seems like an active group, but I would like
to participate
>when I can.>>

Come back anytime....

Steve Nix
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