Joseph Zorzin redoak at forestmeister.com
Tue Dec 30 06:00:46 EST 1997

Susan112 wrote:

> (...I feel remarkably like a bass fixing to bite down on a not-so-juicy rubber
> worm, but here goes...)

You're hooked now!

> Hi!  I'm Susan.  I'm a forester.  I work for a state agency, the Missouri
> Department of Conservation.  To my knowledge, I am not restricted from
> expressing myself about forestry via my personal internet account.  I've been
> halfway lurking in this group for a month or two when I have the time and
> inclination.  I wish AOL would recognize alt.forestry so I could check it out
> too.

AOL has recently added alt.forestry.

> My agency does have an internet presence, a rather nice page I think.
> http://www.state.mo.us/conservation  I hope you'll look it up.
> I don't think of myself as a bureaucrat, just a forester who works for the
> state.  Missouri, I think, does conservation and forestry a bit differently
> than other places.  It's been a great place to work for me for the past 7
> years.  (I'm from "back east").

You're only a "burro" if you act like one. <G>

> I can't check in daily, and this seems like an active group, but I would like
> to participate when I can.
> Susan

Welcome to the group! Tell us something about your work and forestry in

I had a feeling that I could hook at least one government forester.
There must be more out there lurking in the shadows. Come forth and
present thyself! The world is watching. If you like meetings, this is
the ultimate meeting- for the elite of the elite of forestry. <G>

Der Forestmeister

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