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 Ron Wenrich <woodtick at> writes:

>Unfortunately, they don't sell that part of their ability.
>Consultants forced
the State out of helping landowners many years back.  I
>believe it was a step

Glad this has been recognized in PA.  Its like being empaled at both ends - the
"damned if you do, damed if you don't" cliche could not be more appropriate

> Landowners contact the State, then are
>given a long list of
>consulting and corporate foresters.  This leads to
>confusion on the part of the
>landowner, and often, nothing gets done.

As usual, the state picks up the blame.  I've been hooked for providing lists
and hooked for not having lists - very often by the same hooker 'cept on
different days.

>  I have
>less than glowing remarks
about the Game Commission and the management of
>their 1 million acres.

Most state game agencies are separate from forestry but the trees are managed
by the forestry agency.

Good comments Ron and food for thought.

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