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Wed Dec 31 06:42:37 EST 1997

Jostnix wrote:
>  susan112 at aol.com (Susan112) writes:
> >Typical service forestry work with pvt. landowners, RFDs, urban,
> info and
> >education plus state land mgt. (8,100 acres plus another 4,000 in
> helping out
> >with forest mgt on Wildlife Areas).  Keeps me pretty busy, plus we
> just got
> >reorganized...They shouldn't call it "organized" when it feels
> >rather
> chaotic! :)
> Susan:
> Joe has no clue how frustrating juggling these balls can be.  He thinks he has
> the only real forestry job in the world<grin>.

Actually, I've worked in the public sector. I agree, it's no picnic.
Good leadership makes the difference. And good laws. But regardless,
it's not as difficult as consulting. In my state, the majority who tried
consulting failed- this is NEVER true of ANY government agency since the
dawn of creation.

> Alabama is a little different in that a forester runs a county with all the
> above responsibility plus fire protection.  He or she gets many times the
> clients a consultant gets and struggles with how to best serve each one; to
> include referral to the best consultant (not necessarily ACF).

Here in Mass. state responsibilities are separated- the service
foresters only work on private land, the "management" foresters work
only on state forest land, and more recently a new niche has opened up
on land owned by the state wildlife agencies. Regarding referals, here,
you wouldn't dare indicate a preferance- if word got out that you did
that, we consultants would tan your hide. <G> They just hand out the
list without comments. Of course, I have insisted that they update their
list and put on it email and web addresses. With the only forestry web
in Mass. I should stand out from the crowd to all the cybersurfing
landowners. <G>

> Alabama just got reorganized as well; downsizing...a trend in state gvmt.  We
> have more to do with less people.  Bob Miller said we have 500 to 600 people.
> Things change Bob...we are down to 300 with no new hiring.

Does that include all your natural resource people? Wildlife, fisheries,
recreation, fire, etc?

> Please stick this group out.  You can have much input and will add a public
> sector side that is needed...and you are FIELD which is usually lost in the
> equation; FIELD is where the most work and real need is.

Yes, public sector MUD foresters are most welcome here! <G>

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