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Wed Dec 31 06:14:16 EST 1997

TREEFARMER at webtv.net wrote:
> Susan: It was trees per acre that I was looking for. Since I'm just
> across the river from Hannibal I hear of your projects from time to
> time. As I remember it, about 15 years ago, Missouri used to recommend a
> low stocking rate, like about
> 150 trees or so. I was just curious if they still did this. Do any other
> readers know if their  states recommend stocking for final harvest?

Regardless of how many you plant, the success of the plantation will
depend on getting out there frequently- to fill gaps- to kill off
unwanted vegetion, etc. The more you plant, the less you'll have to work
to maintain it in the early years, but after several years you'll have
to start thinning the stand where needed. Just don't let several years
go by without any input on your part.

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